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Yusupov Palace

Saint Petersburg, Russia

This majestic yellow and white Palace placed on the bank of Moika river, attracts tourists from all over the world. Its history, mysterious and enigmatic, closely connected both with the richest Russian Yusupov family and ominous name Gregory Rasputin, who definitely is the most discrepant figure in Russian history and was cruelly murdered in the Palace in 1916. Inspire of the fact, that Yusupov Palace was reconstructed several times, its facade still keeps its classic appearance. Renovated six-column portico amaze visitor with its ineffable harmony of proportions and elegancy. Magnificent edifice is a showcase of the spendthrift and aristocratic lifestyle of the St. Petersburg nobles. Yusupov palace - historical and cultural monument of federal significance. Nowadays it is open for visitors: there are impressing exhibitions in the spacious halls and interesting excursions in Blue and Red rooms, which are remarkable for their splendid decor.

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